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Airless pneumatic piston stainless steel Promo N

Airless pneumatic piston stainless steel Promo N - G.B.V Airless

Airless pump pneumatic piston stainless steel

Pressure ratio: 30: 1

Capacity: 5 lt. / Min.

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mounted on a trolley with filter, reducer

Line filter and lubricator

Promo N

Available in 2 colors


• Impregnating

• Paint thixotropic

• Primers

• Enamels waterbased

• Coatings anti-corrosion

• Polyurethane

• Epoxy

G.B.V Airless

It offers not only a wide range of systems for painting, airless, low pressure, electrostatic, bi components and also a wide variety of components for every eventuality. we have a wide range of types, ranges and specific powers which allow us to guarantee the frequent availability of spare parts from the warehouse in a short time.

G.B.V Airless


G.B.V Airless

Development: Our company has extensive experience in the painting industry, where operating for over 30 years The quality 'and services have always been our goal And 'our intention to ensure a constantly high degree of efficiency, of its products and technical performance towards the customer. The range of products we represent include: several lines of spray guns, pumps for painting and accessories which, depending on the characteristics, They are useful in the various phases of painting and in different fields d 'application. So you can satisfy all kinds of needs: the body, the wood , steelwork, the frame, and tracking road. Our employees use their knowledge and expertise to offer customers a quality service ', reliability 'and constant innovation.

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